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    It Tastes Better from the Grill

BBQ Portable Electric Grill, Electric Barbecue Grill Indoor Hot Pot Chafing Dish, Large Capacity Household Multifunctional Non-Stick Pan Electric Cooker

Product Features:

    Multifunctional electric baking trayRated power: 1 500W (750W + 750W)Control mode: knobRated voltage: 220VSuitable number: 1-4Pan size: 480 x 220mmNote Safe use method:1.Please read all the materials carefully before you use the electric cooker for the first time.2.When using, the thermostat is connected to the pot body in place,…
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Product Description

Multifunctional electric baking tray

Rated power: 1 500W (750W + 750W)

Control mode: knob

Rated voltage: 220V

Suitable number: 1-4

Pan size: 480 x 220mm

Note Safe use method:

1.Please read all the materials carefully before you use the electric cooker for the first time.

2.When using, the thermostat is connected to the pot body in place, and then batched on the power supply.

3.After you have finished using the ther most at ,then set to the “OFF” posit ion ,and then the power finger is unplugged. Only the electrical accessories provided by the company can be used to avoid accidents.

4.Avoid wire contacting with high temperature objects, pot body should be placed on a safe horizontal plane, avoid collision and causing burns.

5.When there is hot soup or hot oil, please move carefully.

6.When there is hot oil, you should take care of it: when frying, please do not close the cover. Please do not touch the thermostat when using, be careful of the beam hand.

7.Before cleaning, unplug the temperature control zone and place it in a dry place, so that it will naturally cool down to avoid electric shock, and do not lose the thermostat and plug in liquid or water. Do not change its purpose.

8.When cleaning, put a small amount of cleaning agent or water in the pot. and then dry the pot body with soft cloth. Electrical base is strictly prohibited to immerse. or ask the base to pour water. so as not to cause leakage, endangering safety.

Product Features

  • 1.Thicken environmentally friendly MATERIAL: Cast aluminum alloy material with healthy non-stick coating, safe to use. Super thick aluminum pot, durable
  • 2.Automatic oil connection design: the frying pan oil is automatically dropped to the oil tank through the oil discharge port, which is easy and clean.
  • 3.Tempered glass lid: Made of tempered glass, stainless steel edging technology, special stainless steel vents in use
  • 4.DUAL SIDE & LARGE CAPACITY: Integrally formed pot body and internal divider to provide you the benefit to enjoy hotpot with two different flavors, no side leakage. Decent size hotpot 1~4 people can eat hotpot using this with no problem
  • 5.ADJUSTABLE POWER: Faster heating with larger power 1500W. Five-speed fire adjustment, It will automatically adjust when the temperature is too high or the gear position is wrong.You can adjust the firepower according to different ingredients and different tastes, enjoy different cuisines.