Thursday , May 28th 2020
    It Tastes Better from the Grill

Welcome To The Infrared Grill Guide!

You’re probably familiar with the standard charcoal and gas grill, but do you know what an infrared grill is? Although the technology has been around since 1980, the infrared gas grill has emerged as a better way to cook your food. So how do infrared grills work? Without getting too technical, radiant heat is initially used to heat up porous ceramic tiles. The heat coming off the tile turns the flames from your outdoor or portable infrared grill into infrared energy. Neat right?

Infrared burner glowing red hot

Infrared burner

So let’s say you go ahead and bought a Char-Broil infrared grill for your backyard, or some other barbecue brand, and you start cooking your food on the grill. You noticed that the cooking time was substantially shorter than grilling on a normal charcoal grill. The reason that your food is cooking faster is that you are not heating up the air to cook your food, the infrared grill burner is actually cooking the food directly.

Another great benefit of infrared grills is that it keeps your meats moist. Your meat stays moist when you cooking it because the higher temperature from these grills sears the juices inside your meat, so it’s basically trapping the juices in. Infrared grills can get as hot as 500 °C (900 °F), there’s no question that these grills can give you that great grill marks that you’re all looking for!

Many companies have built-in an infrared burner to their existing line of gas grills which is great for the undecided consumer. Also, they also have smaller, portable grills for those lacking space which works just as good as their older brothers. No matter what you’re looking for there’s a grill for you on the market that will meet your needs and budget.

As infrared cooking evolves, there will be improvements that will make these grills much better! One improvement that the grill companies have made is the feature to prevent any flare-ups. Flare-ups are what makes any bbq cook nervous! Lol. A flare-up occurs when fat from the meat drips down to the bottom of your burner and a burst of flame shoots up in the air. This can easily be prevented by having a metal plate block the pathway where the fat drippings meat the flames.

There’s no doubt that bbq grillware has become popular in the past few years. If you enjoy the outdoors and spending time with your family while eating the best bbq you have ever made, then you should definitely look into getting these grills for your home!